Veteran Roof and Gutter Replacement

Ninety-one year old veteran receives new roof and gutters thanks to funding from Habitat Michigan and Consumers Energy.
Glen Reynolds first moved into his Gault Village home with his wife Knoxene in 2003. They had both retired at that point, but had been living in the house that he grew up in for many years and as Glen says, “she never liked it much.” When good friends of theirs wanted to sell what is now Glen’s current home, the couple eagerly purchased it.
As a couple living on a fixed income, extra home repair funds were not easy to come by. And when Knoxene passed away in July of 2016, Glen’s income reduced significantly. He took advantage of weatherization and furnace programs through Habitat and DTE, but knew he was also in need of a roof replacement and didn’t know where to turn for the pricey repair.
When our Home Improvement Program Manager, Heidi, heard about the Habitat Michigan-Consumers Priority Home Repair funding opportunity, she thought of Glen immediately. In addition to replacing his aged and damaged roof, Habitat was also able to pay for the replacement of Glen’s gutters and gutter guards– thanks to a generous discount from a local roofing contractor, Go To Roofing. 
In addition to completing the roof and gutter repairs by the end of the year, Habitat was also able to connect Glen to additional veteran resources with a referral to a Buddy to Buddy Volunteer Program and is now on his way to receiving additional benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs that he did not know he was eligible for.  Thanks to Priority Home Repair funds and strong local partnerships, this nonagenarian will be able stay in his home for the foreseeable future. 

Heat for the Holidays

Ann Arbor, Mich. (Dec. 21, 2018) — Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley, located at 170 Aprill Drive in Ann Arbor,  launched their Home Improvement Program (HIP) in 2012. The program was created for homeowners and renters who live in Washtenaw County looking for affordable ways to address needed home repairs, as well as reduce energy costs. Since the launch of the program, 4,974 individuals and families have received services. Currently HIP includes: The Furnace Test and Tune program, the Veteran Critical Repair Program, refrigerator replacements, LED light bulb replacements, and weatherization projects, exterior repairs, and roof replacements, as funding allows.

“It is powerful to see the transformation our Home Improvement Program makes for an individual and a community by offering critical home repairs at an affordable rate,” said Sarah Stanton, Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley Executive Director.

The free Furnace Test and Tune Program, one of the most sought after during the cold winter months, allows for the testing of a current furnace’s safety and efficiency. Eligibility requirements for the program include: that a home must be an owner occupied, detached, single family unit; the homeowner must be a DTE Energy customer; the households must not have had a furnace tune up in the past 5 years; and household income must fall within the guidelines found at h4h.org/furnace-test-tune.

Following verification of eligibility, Habitat has an approved HVAC contractor schedule a free furnace tune-up. This service can include the following:

  • Clean burners, combustion chamber, and heat exchanger surface when accessible.
  • Clean and inspect burner orifices and ignition system.
  • Check for proper venting and for adequate combustion air (per code).
  • Check and test safety controls.
  • Inspect filter, replace standard 1” and 2” filters, and/or clean washable filters.
  • Run equipment through complete sequence of operation.

If during the test and tune-up, a furnace is determined to be unsafe or un-repairable, Habitat and its contractor may provide the option to replace the furnace.  A furnace replacement with Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley has a repayment plan of $40/month at 0% interest over four years and 8 sweat equity (volunteer) hours. A new furnace saves a household an average of $180/year and reduces the danger of Carbon Monoxide by installing a closed combustion furnace.

Karen, referred to the Furnace Program by a friend, has had her furnace for one year. “The Habitat staff were fabulous to work with. They cared about my well-being and moved quickly through the process. The use of the Habitat furnace has made my home warmer and more comfortable. I’m very happy with my cost savings and look forward to that benefit over time,” said Karen.


About Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley

Established in 1989, Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley has built or renovated over 200 homes in Washtenaw County. Habitat homeowners qualify for an affordable mortgage from Habitat, make a $1,000 down payment, and put in at least 250 hours (per adult household member) of “sweat equity” building their home. Habitat has expanded to provide home improvement projects to low-income families in neighborhoods we already target, providing over 500 such projects since 2011. For more information, visit www.h4h.org.