Angela Peters- one year of homeownership.

Angela Peters, Habitat Homeowner Since June 18, 2015

For Angela Peters, Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley entered her life at the exact time she needed it the most. Angela worked at the University of Michigan as an accountant, but was permanently disabled from an illness that she battled for most of her life. She was no longer able to work and lost the condominium she owned. She was forced to move into a one-bedroom apartment in a local subsidized housing community. She spent 7 ½ years living in an environment that exacerbated her health problems and encompassed frequent criminal activity.

“I was trying to figure out another place that was safer than where I was, but still affordable. I was looking online and that’s how I came across Habitat as one of the options,” said Angela.

Angela now has a safe, stable environment that she can rely on. The thing she loves most about her home is her ceiling fans. It might seem like a small thing to some people, but to her it makes a big difference.

“I really appreciate the ceiling fans because I have asthma and having a source of moving air really helps. I have one in my bedroom, living room and kitchen that I turn on even in the winter,” said Angela.

Going through the Homeownership Program at Habitat requires 250 sweat equity hours. This includes working on the future homeowner’s own home or another Habitat home, as well as financial wellness classes to prepare for the financial responsibility of homeownership.

“The biggest part for me that I felt was very daunting was getting the sweat equity hours. Being physically disabled it was very difficult for me to get them done especially in a timely manner. But I persisted and in the end, even though it is tough going through the program, it is so worth it,” said Angela.

Angela’s home is next door to another Habitat family, Carmen and Elbert Sauls. She has joined them for barbecues, and Carmen has even come over to Angela’s house to learn how to make jewelry, one of Angela’s passions.

“Just meeting them and having them there as neighbors, they are just wonderful people. Every Habitat family I have met, they have all been really friendly and giving,” said Angela.

Congratulation, Angela, on one year of homeownership!