AnnMarie Gray- one year of homeownership.

AnnMarie Gray, Habitat Homeowner Since April 23, 2015

AnnMarie Gray has gained independence through homeownership. She started Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley’s Homeownership program while going through a divorce and she was determined to have something that she could make all her own.

“I didn’t have anywhere to go really, unless I wanted to move back in with my parents or get an apartment. I couldn’t afford a house on my own at the time,” said AnnMarie

AnnMarie has two sons, Brent, who has a family of his own, and Brenden, who is a senior in high school this year. They both love music and were even in a band together! Brenden lives with AnnMarie and both are enjoying their new home.

“I love my whole house, I’ve painted the whole thing and really made it mine. My son has his space too. The thing I love most is that it’s mine and I can afford it. I lived in a trailer park when I was younger and that’s never a great experience. It’s mine, it’s safe, and we’ve made it our own,” said AnnMarie.

Homeownership has not only brought AnnMarie independence, but also allowed her to grow in other aspects of her life.

“I’ve had less worries about things, so I’ve gotten a couple promotions at work over the past year. My career is going really well and everything has just been really great and it all started with Habitat,” said AnnMarie.

The journey to homeownership is not an easy one. Each future Habitat homeowner is required to complete 250 sweat equity hours that include volunteering on his or her home or another Habitat home and attending financial wellness classes.

“I worked really hard for it and I made it happen all by myself. I was really proud of that,” AnnMarie continued, “All the blood, sweat and tears that I went through, it’s worth it. It’s just so worth every minute of all the ups and downs.”

Congratulations, AnnMarie, on one year of homeownership!