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Work Abroad

Click here to support our journey to Guatemala!

Did you know that for every home that Habitat renovates in Washtenaw County, we sponsor one abroad? That means that your support not only helps families right here in our community, but also families and children around the world. Since our founding in 1989, we have provided over $500,000 in international support, and have built over 130 houses abroad, including 30 in Haiti and 35 in Guatemala, two of our focus countries.

Over the past five years, we have partnered with the Habitat Guatemala affiliate in Quetzaltenango (Xela or Shay-la for short) to help families improve their lives and their community. Similar to how we focus our efforts in targeted neighborhoods here in Washtenaw County, we have been working with one area outside Xela called Cantel. The impact has been clear to see – more families now live in safe, sanitary dwellings and the whole community is becoming revitalized due to this work.

Every February, volunteers from Ann Arbor travel to Xela and spend more than a week working side by side with the partner families to build simple concrete block homes. In February 2016, 11 of these volunteers journeyed to this city to build homes for two families. Click here to learn more about our 4th annual trip to Guatemala!  Click here to meet the families from 2015!

In 2017, another group of local Habitat staff and supporters will travel back to Guatemala to continue this important work. Click here to donate towards this journey.


The ReStore is More than Just a Place to Shop

The ReStore is your place to:

1.  Give back to the community by volunteering.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kyle Thornhill fordetails at kyle@h4h.org
2.  Reuse items by donating your gently used items
3.  Find low prices on merchandise for you and your home

The ReStore opened its doors to the public in October 2010.  We are owned and operated by our affiliate Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley.  100% of our net profits are returned to our affiliate and are used to build homes for people of low income in Washtenaw County.

Everyone is Welcome!
The ReStore is open to the public seven days a week.  We carry a variety of items including furniture, tools, appliances, windows, doors, cabinets, housewares, flooring, tile, garden supplies, paint, plumbing and lots more! 85% of the inventory in the ReStore is donated from residents and businesses who live in Washtenaw County.  Each time you make a purchase, donate or volunteer you help us to fulfill our mission to provide homes for people in Washtenaw County of low income.

Bid to Build

2017 Bid to Build: Annual Auction & Celebration

Saturday, May 13, 2017

6 – 9 p.m.

University of Michigan North Campus Research Complex

Our biggest fundraising event of the year is coming up Saturday, May 13, 2017! Please join us at the University of Michigan North Campus Research Complex, for the 2017 Bid to Build. We’ll be enjoying delicious food and drinks, auctioning off hundreds of items from local businesses, eateries & artists, and celebrating the past year of work building homes, communities and hope! We can’t wait to celebrate with YOU…the people who make our work possible!

Thank you to our 2017 Bid to Build Sponsors!

Builder Sponsors:

Contractor Sponsors:

Bank of Ann Arbor

Level One Bank

Retirement Income Solutions

Sigma Financial Corporation



Journeyman Sponsors:


Michael and Anne Rivard


Apprentice Sponsors:

Kennari Consulting


Bid to Build


Great event!

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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Women Build

Women Build is an opportunity for women to take a proactive step in serving our communities. It provides an experience for women to empower other women and their families. It’s for women who want to learn how to build. Who want to make a difference in the life of a local woman.

Join us for one day during National Women Build Week, May 12 – 14 and help us build strength, stability and independence for a future Habitat homeowner.

Build with Us!

  • Donate $100 toward material for the house
  • Spend a day volunteering with us on our Women Build House. Click here to sign up!
  • Help build the future of another woman!
  • Work days begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m.
  • No skills required
  • All tools provided
  • Sign-up to volunteer as an individual or bring your best girl friends. Contact Leah Borst at lborst@h4h.org or click here to sign up

Sponsor the Build

  • Become a partner of our 2017 Women Build effort and sponsor a work day
  • Add your name/logo to our Women Build T-shirts
  • Opportunity to have a team of 8-12 volunteers on our Women Build house
  • Opportunities range from $5,000 – $500

Become a fundraiser! 

Click here to become a fundraiser for Women Build. You can set your own goal and create your own page. Help us reach our goal by reaching out within your own network!

Donate – No time to volunteer? Be a part of the team by making a donation to support the 2017 Women Build Team.

AnnMarie Gray- one year of homeownership.

AnnMarie Gray, Habitat Homeowner Since April 23, 2015

AnnMarie Gray has gained independence through homeownership. She started Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley’s Homeownership program while going through a divorce and she was determined to have something that she could make all her own.

“I didn’t have anywhere to go really, unless I wanted to move back in with my parents or get an apartment. I couldn’t afford a house on my own at the time,” said AnnMarie

AnnMarie has two sons, Brent, who has a family of his own, and Brenden, who is a senior in high school this year. They both love music and were even in a band together! Brenden lives with AnnMarie and both are enjoying their new home.

“I love my whole house, I’ve painted the whole thing and really made it mine. My son has his space too. The thing I love most is that it’s mine and I can afford it. I lived in a trailer park when I was younger and that’s never a great experience. It’s mine, it’s safe, and we’ve made it our own,” said AnnMarie.

Homeownership has not only brought AnnMarie independence, but also allowed her to grow in other aspects of her life.

“I’ve had less worries about things, so I’ve gotten a couple promotions at work over the past year. My career is going really well and everything has just been really great and it all started with Habitat,” said AnnMarie.

The journey to homeownership is not an easy one. Each future Habitat homeowner is required to complete 250 sweat equity hours that include volunteering on his or her home or another Habitat home and attending financial wellness classes.

“I worked really hard for it and I made it happen all by myself. I was really proud of that,” AnnMarie continued, “All the blood, sweat and tears that I went through, it’s worth it. It’s just so worth every minute of all the ups and downs.”

Congratulations, AnnMarie, on one year of homeownership!


Angela Peters- one year of homeownership.

Angela Peters, Habitat Homeowner Since June 18, 2015

For Angela Peters, Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley entered her life at the exact time she needed it the most. Angela worked at the University of Michigan as an accountant, but was permanently disabled from an illness that she battled for most of her life. She was no longer able to work and lost the condominium she owned. She was forced to move into a one-bedroom apartment in a local subsidized housing community. She spent 7 ½ years living in an environment that exacerbated her health problems and encompassed frequent criminal activity.

“I was trying to figure out another place that was safer than where I was, but still affordable. I was looking online and that’s how I came across Habitat as one of the options,” said Angela.

Angela now has a safe, stable environment that she can rely on. The thing she loves most about her home is her ceiling fans. It might seem like a small thing to some people, but to her it makes a big difference.

“I really appreciate the ceiling fans because I have asthma and having a source of moving air really helps. I have one in my bedroom, living room and kitchen that I turn on even in the winter,” said Angela.

Going through the Homeownership Program at Habitat requires 250 sweat equity hours. This includes working on the future homeowner’s own home or another Habitat home, as well as financial wellness classes to prepare for the financial responsibility of homeownership.

“The biggest part for me that I felt was very daunting was getting the sweat equity hours. Being physically disabled it was very difficult for me to get them done especially in a timely manner. But I persisted and in the end, even though it is tough going through the program, it is so worth it,” said Angela.

Angela’s home is next door to another Habitat family, Carmen and Elbert Sauls. She has joined them for barbecues, and Carmen has even come over to Angela’s house to learn how to make jewelry, one of Angela’s passions.

“Just meeting them and having them there as neighbors, they are just wonderful people. Every Habitat family I have met, they have all been really friendly and giving,” said Angela.

Congratulation, Angela, on one year of homeownership!


Carmen and Elbert Sauls- one year of homeownership.

Carmen and Elbert Sauls, Habitat Homeowner Since April 9, 2015

Elbert and Carmen Sauls met in church when they were just 10-years-old. They are celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary this year and have a beautiful little girl, Theresa, who will be 6 in March. They are enjoying homeownership and having a safe place to grow as a family.

“Just living in it and our daughter being able to go out in the backyard to play. We know we are in a good neighborhood that is safe. We love it,” said Elbert.

Elbert and Carmen both lived with their parents until they got married, they then rented for a few years before finding the Homeownership Program through Habitat.

“Having a home and to be able to say it is ours is something totally different than renting,” said Elbert.

Elbert and Carmen knew they wanted a home eventually but didn’t see this as a possibility before they found Habitat.

“I didn’t believe there were nice people in the world and working with everyone at Habitat especially Paul, there are just tons of amazing people at Habitat,” said Elbert.

Elbert and Carmen are preparing the send their daughter off to kindergarten next year. They are loving the life they have made in their home, and now Theresa will have a stable place to grow up, in a community that is safe.

“It was our time and Habitat blessed us. We are so thankful and we are so happy,” said Elbert.

Congratulations, Sauls Family, on one year of homeownership!




Anita Snow- one year of homeownership.

Anita Snow, Habitat Homeowner Since December 21, 2015

Anita Snow heard about Habitat’s Homeownership program from a University of Michigan Health System coworker. She never thought she would embark on this journey of homeownership so soon in her life but is glad that she took this leap of faith.

“When opportunity knocks, you answer with a big smile. One thing I do know is that prayer works and God blesses you with what you need right when you need it,” said Anita.

Anita initially wanted to become a homeowner so that she could have something of her own. Before she moved into her Habitat home she was living with her parents, sister, and niece.

“I wanted to be somewhere I could build a future and possibly have something to pass down to my family,” said Anita.

Anita is the middle of five siblings and has three nieces that she adores.

“Having my own home is wonderful because I can finally invite my parents over for dinner and have my favorite little girls over,” said Anita.

Living in Ypsilanti is a much easier commute to work than when she lived in Inkster. She is now working in the community that she lives and is enjoying her new neighborhood.

“I love my neighborhood. It’s quiet and I like my neighbors. I look forward to more years in my home,” said Anita.

Congratulations, Anita, on one year of homeownership!



Chevon Hall- one year of homeownership.

Chevon Hall, Habitat Homeowner Since October 8, 2015

Chevon Hall and her two children, Deja, (18) and Matthew, (14), are prospering in their Habitat home.

Deja graduated from Pathways to Success in Ann Arbor in May and was valedictorian of her class. She is now attending Washtenaw Community College on a scholarship and plans to pursue her studies to become a radiologist. When she is not in school, she works at a rehab center not far from their home. After a long day of school and work, she now has a place to come home to that is safe and secure.

Matthew loves that he can play basketball with his friends in his own yard which he didn’t get to do where they previously lived. Before Habitat, the family of three rented a town home in Ypsilanti.

“It was very noisy. It was okay for what it was but the area wasn’t the greatest,” continued Chevon. “We have lived in apartments for all of my kids’ lives. I never could have imagined becoming a home owner at all.”

Chevon wanted something to call their own and knew that a mortgage payment is usually cheaper than renting.

“I love that it’s mine. I can paint if I want and not have to paint it back when the lease is up,” said Chevon.

During her one-year walk through, with Habitat staff, who visit to determine if the house needs any repairs, Chevon was picking out colors to paint her porch.

“I am so thankful for the Habitat program and their wonderful sponsors. Habitat makes dreams come true!” Chevon exclaimed.

Congratulations, Chevon, on one year of homeownership!



Jacqulynn Cochran- one year of homeownership.

Jacqulynn Cochran, Habitat Homeowner Since December 16, 2015

Jacqulynn and her son, Donivan (14), have rooted themselves in Gault Village, one of the neighborhoods Habitat is working to improve. On December 16, 2016, they will be celebrating one year of homeownership. One of the most important things to them when owning their own home was being in a community where people stay.

“I have a son that is able to feel secure in the neighborhood that we live in versus renting where we were. Friends would come and go because of families renting. You never really knew who was going to stick around. He made friends but after a short period those friends wouldn’t live there anymore. He likes the fact that most kids he meets are going to stay around for a while,” said Jacqulynn.

Donivan loves playing video games and would like to turn that passion into a career someday. Having his own room gives him a place where he can do the things he enjoys and explore his passions.

“Owning a home has been a dream of mine for a while, but not one I thought would be a reality,” said Jacqulynn.

Jacqulynn is busy working full time at University of Michigan as a call center representative as well as going to school part time at Washtenaw Community College. She is studying Human Services and later plans to attend Eastern Michigan. While working full time and going to school, she still made time to complete Habitat’s Homeownership Program.

“I have such pride in homeownership. I am able to make changes to the home that as a renter I wasn’t able to do before,” Jacqulynn continued, “I am able to come in the door and know that it’s mine.”

Congratulations, Jacqulynn and Donivan, on one year of homeownership!