2017 Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley Honorees

At the 2017 Bid to Build Annual Auction & Celebration, Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley had the opportunity to honor two incredible community supporters. The Robert L. Whitacre Volunteer Award is awarded to individuals whose spirit and dedication to…..

AnnMarie Gray- one year of homeownership.

AnnMarie Gray, Habitat Homeowner Since April 23, 2015 AnnMarie Gray has gained independence through homeownership. She started Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley’s Homeownership program while going through a divorce and she was determined to have something that she could…..

Angela Peters- one year of homeownership.

Angela Peters, Habitat Homeowner Since June 18, 2015 For Angela Peters, Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley entered her life at the exact time she needed it the most. Angela worked at the University of Michigan as an accountant, but…..

Carmen and Elbert Sauls- one year of homeownership.

Carmen and Elbert Sauls, Habitat Homeowner Since April 9, 2015 Elbert and Carmen Sauls met in church when they were just 10-years-old. They are celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary this year and have a beautiful little girl, Theresa, who will…..

Anita Snow- one year of homeownership.

Anita Snow, Habitat Homeowner Since December 21, 2015 Anita Snow heard about Habitat’s Homeownership program from a University of Michigan Health System coworker. She never thought she would embark on this journey of homeownership so soon in her life but…..

Chevon Hall- one year of homeownership.

Chevon Hall, Habitat Homeowner Since October 8, 2015 Chevon Hall and her two children, Deja, (18) and Matthew, (14), are prospering in their Habitat home. Deja graduated from Pathways to Success in Ann Arbor in May and was valedictorian of…..

Jacqulynn Cochran- one year of homeownership.

Jacqulynn Cochran, Habitat Homeowner Since December 16, 2015 Jacqulynn and her son, Donivan (14), have rooted themselves in Gault Village, one of the neighborhoods Habitat is working to improve. On December 16, 2016, they will be celebrating one year of…..

Tia Walker- one year of homeownership.

Tia Walker, Habitat Homeowner Since June 30, 2015 Tia Walker is a single mother of four boys: Demetrius (22), Brian (18), Shawn (14), and Jayden (5). Even though her hands are full with her boys, she was still determined to…..

Tanisha Morgan- one year of homeownership.

Tanisha Morgan, Habitat Homeowner Since June 16, 2015 Tanisha Morgan wants to give her children the very thing that her mom always wanted to give her but wasn’t able to before she passed away: the safety and security of homeownership……

Du’Charm Archer- one year of homeownership.

Du’Charm Archer, Habitat Homeowner Since May 5, 2015 Du’Charm first heard about Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley when her brother and his family got accepted into the Homeownership Program more than 10 years ago. Du’Charm saw how Habitat changed…..