Tanisha Morgan- one year of homeownership.

Tanisha Morgan, Habitat Homeowner Since June 16, 2015 Tanisha Morgan wants to give her children the very thing that her mom always wanted to give her but wasn’t able to before she passed away: the safety and security of homeownership……

Du’Charm Archer- one year of homeownership.

Du’Charm Archer, Habitat Homeowner Since May 5, 2015 Du’Charm first heard about Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley when her brother and his family got accepted into the Homeownership Program more than 10 years ago. Du’Charm saw how Habitat changed…..

Lilia Milne- one year of homeownership.

Lilia Milne, Habitat Homeowner Since September 29, 2015  Lilia Milne is a grandma to an energetic, 6-year-old boy, Hunter. They both have been enjoying their home this past year and the privacy that they didn’t previously have. “I get to…..

Kim Smith- one year of homeownership.

Kim Smith, Habitat Homeowner Since June 4, 2015 Kim Smith is the proud homeowner of 1210 Desoto Ave., Ypsilanti. She found out about Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley through a coworker, who encouraged her to apply. “I didn’t even…..

The Smith Family- one year of homeownership.

Shawn and Jessica Smith, Habitat Homeowners Since June 29, 2015 Shawn and Jessica Smith have two boys, Jonathan, 5, and Jordan, 3, who now have a safe place to grow and play. The Smith Family has been in their home…..

Lola Joiner- one year of homeownership.

Lola Joiner, Habitat Homeowner Since Sept. 9, 2015 After applying three different times, Lola’s journey started with Habitat in 2014. She has now been a homeowner for one year, making the long process all worth it. “I was tired of…..

Mamie Clark- Anderson- one year of homeownership.

Mamie Clark-Anderson, Habitat Homeowner Since June 29, 2015 Since retiring from Washtenaw County 14A District Court after 35 years of service, Mamie has been enjoying her time with her Habitat home. She closed on her home at 1287 Hunter Ave.,…..

C.J. Butcher Closed On His Habitat Home!

[Blog by Sophia Williams, Development Associate, Special Events & Marketing] Habitat has another homeowner that closed on their home! As of yesterday, C.J. Butcher is the proud homeowner of 124 Kansas Ave., Ypsilanti 48198. Before starting his journey with Habitat,…..

A Home That Is All Her Own

  [Blog by Sophia Williams, Development Associate, Special Events & Marketing] Paula Porter is a spunky, full hearted woman who now has a place to call her own. Just yesterday she closed on her Habitat home at 570 Greenlawn Ave.,…..

Certificate of Appreciation Award from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office

Thank you, to the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, for coming out to volunteer and presenting Habitat with the Certificate of Appreciation Award! We are so grateful for our partnership with them and are looking forward to improving even more homes…..