Habitat Staff Member Becomes Habitat Homeowner

On November 22, 2017, Kyle Thornhill became a Habitat Homeowner. After graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a Communications degree, Kyle started working at the Habitat ReStore. He started part time completing donation pickups. Shortly after, he was hired full time for his current role as the Donations and Volunteer Manager.

Kyle has worked at the ReStore for 4 ½ years. In that 4 ½ years, he has worked with homeowners who were completing their sweat equity hours. He saw how happy and fulfilled these individuals were knowing that they were working towards homeownership. Before enrolling in Habitat’s Homeownership Program, Kyle was sharing an apartment with roommates. Kyle is really looking forward to having his own space and an opportunity to create music.

Creating music is a passion for Kyle as he has been writing music and playing the guitar for 20 years. He started playing the guitar in middle school and has since included the banjo, keyboard, bass, drums, and saxophone into his musical talents. Kyle has written music that has been used in documentaries that have toured Europe. In his spare time, he also enjoys kayaking and fishing.

Kyle loves working at the Habitat ReStore. “It’s a great job with work/life balance, a friendly staff, and a staff that is all working towards the same mission.” He felt that going through the Habitat Home Ownership Program process was easy and all guidelines and requirements were clear. His favorite memory of the program was taking a class with an inspector who showed potential homebuyers what to look for in a house. “It is a breath of fresh air to buy a house that doesn’t need home repairs,” said Kyle.