Habitat’s First Financial Wellness Fair

[Blog by Gabriele Kuschmann, Family Program Coordinator]

November Saturday, 14 was Habitat’s first Financial Wellness Fair, which was part of the new Education Program that Habitat has launched.  It took place at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church in West Willow, as Habitat has started several projects in Community Development in that neighborhood.

Several organizations also had representatives at the Fair: MSU Extension, House by the Side of the Road, Genisys Credit Union, The Ride, Housing Bureau for Seniors, POWER, and Food Gatherers.  Attendees could come up to the tables and talk with the representatives about the services that their organizations offer, as well as take any flyers or handouts with them.  The water bottles offered by The Ride were pretty neat!

While this went on in the entrance area, there were presenters in the other room talking about budgeting and general financial information, how to keep up your credit, what to watch out for regarding credit, what you need to know about getting loans, creating holiday spending plans to stay on track, and information about Habitat’s homeownership program.

If this information sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in, check our website for more information about upcoming events.  Starting next year we’ll be offering free Financial Management classes in series format, through MSU Extension.  This information is great for everyone.  “One of the most important things is to set goals for yourself.  With hard work and dedication, your financial goals can be reached!” says Ashley Laury, Habitat’s Financial Educator.

Ashley can help you review and understand your credit report, work with you to create a detailed spending plan, and help you follow through by creating an action plan to help you reach your financial goals.