Nomad Life: 50 States in 365 Days

Darrell Gilmore, better known as Habitat for Humanity Nomad, has challenged himself to complete at least one Habitat volunteer project in all 50 states in 2017. Darrell has been a Habitat volunteer for more than 30 years completing service projects within the United States. He has also completed projects internationally in South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore. After holding many top level executive positions, Darrell has committed 2017 to traveling for Habitat while looking for a new home state.

His passion for this mission started from his own experience as a youth who moved frequently. He hopes that while traveling he’ll bring awareness to the mission of Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable home ownership because everyone deserves a decent place to live. Darrell’s next challenge to himself after 2017 is to complete a Habitat project on every continent other than Antartica!

As of July 14, 2017 Darrell had visited 30 states, volunteered at 33 Habitat affiliates, volunteered 765 hours, and traveled 5,922 miles. Habitat Huron Valley was stop #28 for the H4HNomad. Darrell spent a day hard at work volunteering in the Ann Arbor ReStore and a day on site at a construction build. Pictured is Darrell (blue shirt), long time Habitat Huron Valley volunteer Don (orange shirt), and Construction House Leader, Steve (grey shirt). “Volunteering with Habitat has been great for my physical, mental and spiritual health and I highly recommend for anyone whether 17 (learn community engagement and improve your college application), 37 (learn skills to improve your own home), 57 (make new friends as your preparing for life without kids driving your schedule) and 77 (keeping your muscles strong and joints limber)”, said Darrell.

Help support Darrell on his journey by following his Twitter handle @H4HNomad. Best wishes traveling, Darrell!